Brookdale Careers – Job Search and Application (2024)

Use your talents and reach your goals while enriching the lives of others. The happiness of those served is dependent on the happiness of the associates, so you’ll receive a competitive compensation and benefits package, opportunities to grow your career, and additional perks.

Most of all, Brookdale Senior Living believe you can find purpose, meaning, and the chance to be a part of something bigger than yourself.

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Brookdale Senior Living Careers

At Brookdale, you’ll find the chance to make a difference in each of their teams. From nursing to hospitality to operations, everyone plays a role in enriching the lives of residents. Join the team where passion meets purpose.

Nursing Careers at Brookdale

Are you a healthcare professional interested in work that’s both challenging and rewarding? Nurses at Brookdale maintain the physical, social and psychological environment in the best interest of their residents.

You’ll have the opportunity to care for the same individuals each day — building strong relationships and becoming part of the community.

What You’ll Be Doing

Brookdale nurses support the health and well-being of seniors, conducting personalized assessments to help manage the quality of our residents’ daily lives and their clinical needs. On any given day, our nurses help residents adhere to physician-directed treatment plans, manage their medications, follow dietary recommendations and exercise guidelines, and support their social and emotional needs.

Brookdale nurses foster a culture of wellness in the community, promoting engagement, relationships and activities that support a healthy lifestyle.

As a clinical associate at a Brookdale community, you could become a:

  • Health and Wellness Director🙁 Director of Nursing)
  • Health and Wellness Coordinator: (Assistant Director of Nursing)
  • Director of Clinical Services
  • Assistant Director of Clinical Services
  • Registered Nurse
  • Licensed Practical Nurse

Care Associate Positions at Brookdale

Have a passion for helping people? Whether you are starting your career or a seasoned caregiver, or you simply have the heart for serving others, then a Brookdale caregiver job may be a good fit. Our seniors are looking for trusted companions and friends who bring a passion for helping others.

What You’ll Be Doing

Our care associates directly serve our residents by assisting with individual needs and care, encouraging independence and treating each of our seniors with respect and dignity. You will nurture a home-like setting and assist seniors with activities of daily living, including bathing, dressing, grooming and other personal needs. Some care associates may also help residents with light housekeeping.

As a care associate at Brookdale, you could be a:

  • Caregiver— Provides direct care to residents while following a personalized service plan.
  • Home Care Aide— Provides our clients with the assistance and companionship they need while also encouraging independence and confidence.
  • Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)— Works under the supervision of other medical professionals providing direct care to our residents.

Hospitality Positions at Brookdale

Do you have a passion for relationships and service? Joining the hospitality team at Brookdale can help advance your skills and career, while also making seniors’ lives brighter every day. You are not just cooking or cleaning, you are actively improving the lives of those around you.

Apply with BSL today to work in an environment where you can become your best self.

What You’ll Be Doing

When it comes to dining and housekeeping at Brookdale, there’s a lot more to it than just serving up meals and cleaning bedrooms. Taking into account dietary restrictions, having a fully stocked kitchen with up-to-date food orders, and making sure our communities are presented in a positive manner are all part of the hospitality staff’s responsibilities. Of course, checking that residents are happy with their meal options and living spaces is high on that list as well.

As a hospitality associate at a Brookdale community, you could be a:

Brookdale Careers – Job Search and Application (2)

1: Dining Service Coordinator— Plans, directs, coordinates activities of the dining services department, and provides food services for residents and associates.

2: Chef— Has the opportunity to get creative with the development of our menus.

3: Cook— Nourishes our residents’ bodies and spirits with delicious food.

4: Server— Delivers meals to our seniors and their guests on a defined schedule while providing first-class customer service and building great relationships.

5: Dishwasher— Runs our dish-washing machines, ensuring we provide our residents and guests with clean and sparkling plates, silverware and glasses at mealtime.

6: Housekeeper— Keeps all community public spaces, activity and dining rooms, and resident apartments clean.

Become an Executive Director at Brookdale

Are you a natural leader yearning for a chance to be a part of something bigger than yourself? Does the thought of empowering teams to work to their best potential excite you? The Executive Director role in our communities spans many business areas, including daily operations, associate relations, resident and family engagement, financial performance, and regulatory compliance.

But one of the most important responsibilities is cultivating an inclusive community culture that provides high-quality experiences and engages residents, families and associates. You set the tone for your community. No task is too small; you support your teams to deliver the utmost care and services for each resident.

Brookdale also offer opportunities for you to be more involved in resident development, whether directly supporting the Executive Director as an Associate Executive Director or directing healthcare functions as a Healthcare Administrator. No matter your passion, you can enrich lives every day as part of their community operations teams.

Sales Positions at Brookdale

Hungry for a sales role where your work will make a meaningful difference? Join our team! At Brookdale, you’ll find opportunities that recognize your success and help advance your career.

Our most successful sales managers can earn membership and bonus opportunities in our high-performance clubs — The President’s Club, The Chairman’s Club, and The Chairman’s Club Elite.

What You’ll Be Doing

You will be selling the value of Brookdale to older adults and those who help older adults choose senior living services.

As a sales associate at a Brookdale community, you will be a:

Guide for families and older adults— You’ll be the boots on the ground both inside and outside our community, helping older adults navigate the sales journey from interest to move-in.

Team player— You’ll work with local professionals and volunteers to generate professional referral leads from medical, financial and legal professionals, clergy and other local businesses and organizations.

Partner— You’ll partner with leadership to develop and execute sales and marketing plans to meet or exceed community revenue and occupancy goals.

The Connection Center at Brookdale

Looking for a place where you can create a positive impact in people’s lives and that feels like more than a job? Brookdale’s connection center often serves as the first point of contact for those searching for senior living, whether for themselves or a family member.

But we’re not your typical call center. You’ll have the opportunity to truly listen to each customer’s needs without feeling rushed, understanding the full details of their situation before matching them with one of our wonderful communities.

The work you do will be challenging yet rewarding. You’ll have the option to work from home, and we’ll give you the tools and training you need to do the job. You can also enjoy opportunities to better yourself and grow your career, surrounded by a welcoming and supportive team.

What You’ll Be Doing

You will connect with families and older adults as you introduce them to senior living and encourage them to visit one of our many communities.

As a Senior Living Advisor, you will be a:

1: Trusted guide—You often are the first person our customers speak to regarding potentially sensitive circ*mstances, so it’s important to build trust and act honestly, all while presenting Brookdale as an organization ready to meet their needs and maximize their quality of life.

2: Flexible partner—No family circ*mstance will be the same, so you should be able to use sound judgment and experience to solve moderately complex situations based on precedent, example, reasonableness or a combination of these.

Information Technology Positions at Brookdale

Do you love computers? Do you enjoy tackling complex problems and providing innovative solutions that could bring Brookdale’s systems and technology to the next level? We want to hear from you!

Our Information Technology (I.T.) teams manage Brookdale’s applications, networks, servers, databases, etc. They also help associates navigate different computer hardware and software, and oversee electronic and data security and compliance.

We believe you can find purpose, meaning, and the chance to be part of something bigger than yourself as you support associates who serve and enrich the lives of our residents.

Students & Grads

If you’re still in school or new to the workforce, Brookdale has various part-time and entry-level positions to help you finish out your classes or grow your career. Our associates enjoy finding purpose and meaning in their work. You’ll benefit from our professional growth opportunities catered to your interests and skills.

How To Search For a Job on the Brookdale Careers Site

There are various ways to search for a job on the career site:

Keyword search:A keyword search is used primarily for searching the title and description of a job.

Advanced search:Additional filters may be available to allow you to narrow down your search even further. If available, you can use any or all of these filters:

  • Location
  • Category
  • Company
  • Posted Date
  • Position Type
  • Telecommute

View available positions & discover your next stephere. If you choose to use more than one filter, your results will meet all of the criteria selected.

Job Listings

You canview all open positionsor use the following search form to find jobs that suit your specific career interests.

Current Brookdale employees, please navigate to theInternal Career Portalto search and apply for positions.

Brookdale Careers – Job Search and Application (2024)
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