The End Is Near: Blue Bloods Cast Shares First Look at Series Finale (2024)

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There are only a handful of episodes left in Blue Bloods‘ final chapter before fans will have to say goodbye to the Reagan family for good. So, when is the Blue Bloods series finale? Here’s when fans can expect to bid farewell to the long-running procedural. Plus, see photos from the cast’s final days on set.

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When is the Blue Bloods series finale?

News first broke that Blue Bloods would be ending with Season 14 in November 2023. The final season was split into two parts, with the first half airing in spring 2025. The second half will consist of eight episodes and it will kick off this September on CBS. An exact date for the anticipated series finale has not yet been announced, but it will likely be in late 2024. The episode will wrap up storylines for members of the Reagan family and it may even address Frank Reagan’s (Tom Selleck) future as the Police Commissioner of the NYPD. Fans also suspect that the beloved series will end in a funeral, most likely Henry Reagan’s (Len Cariou).

The End Is Near: Blue Bloods Cast Shares First Look at Series Finale (2)

Filming for Season 14 Part 2 has already wrapped for several cast members, who took to social media to reflect on the show’s bittersweet end. Keep scrolling to see their final moments on set.

Donnie Wahlberg

Donnie Wahlberg has portrayed Detective Danny Reagan since the show’s debut in 2010. The New Kids on the Block member marked his last day of filming on June 20, sharing a video himself arriving on set in his band’s tour bus. As he emerged from the bus, the words: “Pulled up from Magic Summer Tour to film Danny Reagan’s last tour,” flashed across the screen. In the caption, Wahlberg penned a touching tribute to the show he’s spent the last 14 years on.

“Not sure I have the words to describe how I feel about today, or the last 14 years on this special Blue Bloods journey, but I do know how incredibly thankful I am for every moment of it,” he wrote in part. “To the people of New York, in every neighborhood and borough, thank you for always showing your love. To the NYPD, thank you for your support and sacrifice, I hope we did you proud.”

He concluded by acknowledging Blue Bloods‘ devoted fan base. “Lastly, to my fans, and the fans of this show. We don’t make it 14 days (nevermind 14 years) without you! Your love and support for this show has been one of the great blessings of my life. Thank you,” he wrote.

Marisa Ramirez

Actress Marisa Ramirez joined the cast in Season 3 as Danny’s new partner, Detective Maria Baez, following the departure of Jennifer Esposito, who played Detective Jackie Curatola. She was promoted to a series regular in Season 4 and has been on the show ever since.

Ramirez had her final day on set on the same day as Wahlberg. She marked the occasion by sharing a photo of a drawing that her 8-year-old daughter, Violet Rae, made for her. “Last day of Blue Bloods! I don’t have the words yet to express my joy or my sadness but at least I have a homemade sticker shield from Violet to replace the one I had to give back to props today. The sweetest,” the proud mom wrote in the caption.

Vanessa Ray

On June 18, Vanessa Ray noted that she had one more day left on set, sharing a series of photos from the past few months of filming. Ray joined Blue Bloods during Season 4 as police officer Eddie Janko. Eddie became an integral member of the Reagan family when she married Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) in Season 8.

Ray captioned her post simply:”The past couple days of @bluebloods_cbs photo dump. One more day to go…” The photo collection included behind-the-scenes videos, a shot of her posing with her stunt double and a picture of Wahlberg and Ramirez beaming at the camera.

Blue Bloods is available to stream on Paramount Plus.

For more on Blue Bloods, check out this gallery on the cast’s real-life families and children.

The End Is Near: Blue Bloods Cast Shares First Look at Series Finale (2024)
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